Born 29th of April 2013 - Grey (110 days) - Medium Curl
Sire: Sindarve Zeb
Dam: Oppeby 10576 (Gannarve Ztor - Gannarve 4400)
Ervalla Ztarke has been ranked among the best adult ram in Sweden for EBV´s of growth rate / body conformation / colour quality and fertility. 5 years old, he is still competitive compared to the younger generations of rams. This ram add the growth traits needed for production on grass and is the best dual-purpose ram if looking on overall genetic value. We recommend this ram for anybreeding programme, but especially for larger flocks with high demands for rapid growth, meat production and unifrom wool / pelts.
Ervalla Ztarke has many lambs born in our flock in Sweden and genetics has been exported to USA, Norway, UK and New Zealand.
Estimated Breeding Values (2017) - Genetic Index
Birth weight: 117
Growth rate (Direct)110d: 120
Growth rate (Maternal) 110d: 127
Growth rate (slaughter): 127
Body conformation 110days: 123
Body conformation (slaughter): 107
Fertility > 2nd litter: 126
Colour quality: 125
Curl quality: 104
Wool quality: 102
Total pelt index: 112
Breed average: 100
Top 10% Index > 110
Top 1% Index > 130
Breed average: 100
Top 10% Index > 110
Top 1% Index > 130
On farm scoring data from 110 days - Phenotypic values
Body conformation: R-
Colour quality: 5
Curl quality: 5
Wool quality: 4
Wool quant: 4
Total score: 5

Ervalla Ztarke

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