Welcome to our World of Gotland Sheep ! 

Let´s begin the journey by explaining more about our breed. Gotlands Sheep is a Swedish dual-purpose breed, raised for their meat, wool and last but not least, their fantastic pelts. Pelts are used for high-end fashion, more traditional handcrafted items and for interior design purposes. Our natural grey sheepskins are also perfect as baby blankets. The natural softness of Gotland wool in combination with tanning techniques for soft and washable sheepskins creates a unique product. The fiber from Gotlands are raising more and more interest from spinners and knitters, due to it´s characteristics  with a soft, curly longwool with fiber as fine as 16-20 microns.

Gotlands are natural grey, the populations colour variation range from white to black and all shades of grey in between.   Lambs are normally born black and shift into their grey colour after a couple of months. At the age of  4-10 months, or before the climate turns cooler in late autumn the lambs give us a shiny grey fiber with natural curls. We breed our Gotlands to achieve a shiny, close to stainless steel grey fiber. For about 6 months lambs stay even grey, but after reaching their first winter season, their colour variation will be higher within the full grey-scale. You can see the differences if you look att lambpelts and compare them to sheepskins, on our storepages.

Adult sheep are of medium-size, rectangular and with a sound body confirmation and structure, ewes with a weight of 150-200 lb and rams 180-260 lb.

We are happy to share our story with you and to show ewes and rams from our flock. We started breeding sheep professionally in Sweden.  Our flock expanded over the years, to around 700 ewes in a twice a year lambing programme, with meat breeds lambing during winter time and Gotlands lambing in april. Our cattle flock of 200 head, gave market heifers / bulls coming from our registered Black Angus & Limousine flock. During 5-6 years, we spent much time producing lamb and beef for the meat processing market, with no own processing of any end-product.

We later came to the conclusion that production without branding or adding extra value to the finished product we produced wasn`t for us. Consequently, we changed our focus to pasture-fed beef and lamb, once a year lambing / calving season and  selection for sheep and cattle with high growth rates, good body conformation and a naturally flavoured meat (largely dependent on breed, diet and handling of meat during processing). We also decided to use all products from our animals in order to elevate the value by processing. This included sheepskins, wool, leather and genetics from our flocks. This was the starting point for our current journey and a business that have now developed to markets in several countries around the world.

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