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Our sheep in New Zealand are doing well, Last years Gotland lambs are soon old enough for individual scoring and so far they have been growing well. We will have semen for sale this breeding season. If you are interested - send an e-mail and we will tell you more. We select rams based on body conformation, structural soundness, growth gain and wool quality parameters.

Positive feedback & Inspiration

Some days are just better than others. When you get inspiration or positive feedback from people around you it builds confidence in what you are doing. I got this feedback from one of my customers a skilled hand-weaver. She asked me to incorporate her work in a Gotland sheepskin blanket. After a couple of weeks of work I sent the finished piece back and got this message in return. " I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my beautiful sleigh blanket!! Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job of finishing it for me!! The pelts are beautiful. " - Jean. Enjoying the hand-sewing and working with the soft Gotland wool from start. But this added a new dimension to it. The blanket will last for several gener

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