Our Gotland Rams - new EBV´s & ranking

We have just recieved the results for our rams in the twice yearly ranking based on EBV´s. The ranking list shows all rams older than 1 year with at least 30 lambs that have some minimum values for both body conformation / growth rate / wool quality traits. Mean index in the population of all registered Gotlands in Sweden / Denmark is set as 100 for any given trait. Index above 110 or higher is shown by the top-10% of the populations individuals and index above 130 is shown by the top-1% rams. We are happy to see that our efforts to raise dual-purpose Gotlands with high genetic merit for body conformation, growth rate and wool quality have been successful. This year 4 of our adult rams app

New Spinning Wheel

We are working on a new spinning wheel today. Our son is keen to make one for his future spinning Projects and found a good source for an "how-to" guide. He will spin to create yarn for this years New York Sheep & Wool Festival and the youth Contest. Soon ready for the first test!

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